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The BAFTA nominations are in and we celebrate "Lilting" and its nomination in Outstanding Debut, as well as Paul King’s “Paddington” and Yann Demange’s “’71” for their nominations in Outstanding British Film.

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  • Ne-O - King

    Ne-O directs a series of spots for game-developing brand King helping them release the magic! “Farm Heroes” is one of four films in the campaign where a store employee needs to protect his vegetables from a mischievous raccoon on the loose.

  • Greg Brunkalla - I Feel Ya

    Greg Brunkalla teamed up with Outkast’s André 3000 and painter Jimmy O’Neal to create ‘I feel ya’; an installation at Art Basel: Miami Beach exploring the realms of fashion, painting and film. View the teaser for his film Trumpets and the installation right here.

  • Winners at BIFA

    Congratulations to Yann Demange who was awarded Best Director at this year’s BIFA’s for his debut film 71’!

  • Tom Green - Monsters: Dark Continent

    'Monsters: Dark Continent' is the debut feature of director Tom Green, which sees its release in February 2015. See the trailer of the follow-up on the cult hit ‘Monsters’ along with Tom's recent work here.

  • BIFA Nominations

    Proud to announce our debut-feature film 'Lilting' has received three nominations at this years British Independent Film Awards, as well as nominations for Best Independent Film and Best Director for "71" by Stink director Yann Demange.

  • Nike - CR7: Out Of This World

    We collaborated with Nike, W&K London and Tomek Bagiński to showcase Cristiano Ronaldo’s new Mercurial Superfly CR7, on an explosive journey to El Clásico. Bagiński’s animation crash lands us into a distinctive photo-real world that hails the style of a global comic book.

  • Reynald Gresset

    We are very excited to welcome Reynald Gresset, a talented French director based in Los Angeles. Reynald has directed numerous successful campaigns for renowned brands such as Samsung, National Geographic, Johnson & Johnson, Honda, Mitsubishi etc. Noted for his distinguished natural and cinematic storytelling, Reynald’s work can always bring us into a visually sophisticated, subtle, and truly vibrant imagery. His Sci-Fi channel spot has won a coveted Cannes Lion for Euro RSCG.

  • Nieto - Far Cry 4

    Stink director Nieto injects the richness of his singular universe in this interactive film conceived as an initiatory experience in four rites in which users test their personality.Far Cry 4 is a FPS game, where every decision counts and changes the course of the game. For the launch of the game Stinkdigital produced an interactive experience composed of 4 rites of passage that reveal your personality and reward you with exclusive content from the Far Cry 4 game.Watch the film and Immerse yourself part one of the interactive game to see if you have what it takes to survive!

  • Nike - Play Pinoy

    Jones+Tino’s latest spot for Nike pays homage to basketball in the Philippines. Taking us to every nook and cranny of gritty Manila, we witness the nation’s obsession for the game through their blood, sweat and tears. The inspiring film accompanied by a war cry track captures the essence of Pinoy basketball in the most heartfelt way. Basketball has never been so magical, poetic and sublime.


    Where does your ambition take you? Check out the trailer for Tomek Baginski's latest project 'Ambition' starring Aiden Gillen (Games of Thrones). Produced by Platige Image, the film will see its premiere at the BFI Sci-Fi Film season on 24th October.

  • LEICA - 100

    Jones+Tino help launch the latest spot for Leica, celebrating a 100 years of the iconic camera. The film shows more than 35 infamous photographs that form the history of photography and how Leica helped shape it.

  • Sebastian Reed - Anta Kids

    Sebastian Reed’s latest work for Anta Kids has spread into a contagious dance in town. The film captured these wonder kids decked out in Anta Kidswear doing what kids do best - capturing our hearts and imagination with their cool effortless moves. And a specially composed soundtrack that refused to get out of our heads.

  • Raf Wathion - Shell Helix

    Raf Wathion brought us into an adrenalin-charged world in his new spot for Shell Helix created through JWT Singapore. Shot in Iceland, it combined raw science with the human touch to illustrate the transformative power of gas.

  • Smirnoff - The Double Side

    Martin Krejci's new film for Smirnoff Ice Double Black takes in the authentic vibe of Accra, Ghana and stars the distinctive characters that double as legends from East & West Africa's colourful stand alone cultures.

  • Nicolas Winding Refn - Lincoln

    Nicolas Winding Refn directs a series of un-scripted films starring True Detective and Dallas Buyers Club actor Matthew McConaughey. 'The Bull' is one of three films shot during a week-long production in Texas for the new Lincoln campaign.

  • Ivan Zacharias - Kahlua

    Ivan Zacharias directs Academy Award Winner Jeff Bridges in a bizarre tale honouring an all time favourite cocktail - The White Russian with Kahlua.

  • '71 - Official Trailer

    Watch the world exclusive trailer for Yann Demange's Belfast set thriller, starring Jack O'Connell. Releasing across UK cinemas on 10 October, check it out!

  • Lilting in Cinemas

    Having opened the Sundance film festival to critical acclaim, Stink's award winning debut feature 'Lilting' is finally premiering in cinemas across the UK & on demand. Watch the trailer & find out what its all about.

  • Dove - Coffee Shop

    Vaughan Arnell’s new spot for Dove Chocolate through BBDO Beijing, was launched on Chinese Valentine's Day. Featuring a famous Chinese singer G.E.M and a Korean celebrity Kim Soo Hyun, it’s a classic story of girl-meets-boy. Enjoy this dramatic and charming musical and of course, the chocolate!

  • BMW - The Wave

    Ride the wave and embrace the unknown. Here’s Sebastian Strasser’s latest spot for BMW with post-production done through Time-Based Arts.

  • TfL - Share the Road

    Calmness in London’s crowded streets is often hard to find - Yann Demange helms this beautiful and thoughtful spot for Transport for London, encouraging road users to relax and rethink the way we see the road and each other.

  • Basement Jaxx - ‘Never Say Never’

    Saman Kesh brings the art of dance back to life with his new video for Basement Jaxx, featuring the ‘Twerkbot’ - a bi-pedal wonder created to save mankind from losing touch with dance. Using various sensory stimuli & JAXX patented buttocks technology, it can mimic any form of lower body movement at near flawless accuracy

  • Baccarat

    Celebrating Baccarat’s 250th anniversary, the luxury house has commissioned three tastemakers, amongst whom is Sonia Sieff, to create short films about love. Depicting a recently separated couple, played by French actors Caroline de Maigret and Thierry Frémont, Sonia’s film is a perfect representation of the subtle complexity of crystal: a blend of strength and fragility, clarity and opacity, classicism and audacity. As is life and... love. The film was exclusively premiered conjointly at the Maison Baccarat and on vogue.it

  • Cannes 2014

    Cannes Lions 2014 was a great success again this year with lots of sun, talks, parties and a pocketful of some exciting awards from Stink and Stinkdigital. A salute to all the winners listed below!

    Film Craft Lions
    Adam Berg ‘Assassins Creed, Defy’
    Gold Lion – Visual Effects
    Nacho Gayan – ‘Doctor’
    Bronze Lion – Art Direction/ Production Design

    Film Lions
    Agustin Alberdi – VH1 ‘I Will Survive’
    Silver Lion – Public Awareness Messages
    Ne-O – Heineken Light ‘Why Not Man’
    Bronze Lion – Alcoholic Drinks

    Branded Content & Entertainment Lions
    Stinkdigital – UN ‘#theworldneedsmore’
    Silver Lion – Use or integration of digital or social media
    Butchers - FIAT 'Street Tales
    Bronze Lion - Fiction Online
    Cyber Lions
    Stinkdigital - Sony Playstation - 'First To Greatness'
    Silver Lion - Use of Co-Creation & User Generated Content
    Outdoor Lions
    Nathan Besse - SCNF 'Europe Is Just Next Door'
    Silver Lion - Digital Screens

    Shots/YDA Award
    Mackenzie Sheppard - 2nd Prize Award in Short Film Category Asia/Pacific
    Ian Ruschel - 2nd Prize Award in Short Film Category South America

    And a massive congratulations to Stink director Kosai for sweeping up the awards this year for Sound of Honda, including a Grand Prix! Here's a handful of them.

    Grand Prix - Titanium Lion
    Gold Lion – Branded Entertainment Internet Film
    Gold Lion - Product & Service Cars & Automotive Services
    Gold Lion - Use of Exhibitions and Digital Installations
    Silver Lion - Cars & Automotive Services
    Silver Lion - Direct Marketing: Digital & Social Use of Digital Marketing

  • Tiffany&Co. - Keys Portraits

    Mackenzie Sheppard’s latest work for Tiffany&Co. through W+K Shanghai. It's a series of web films featuring Yu Hong, a famous Chinese artist painting the portraits of three elegant celebrities and sharing each of their unique experience on the possibilities in their life. The films were shot in Beijing.

  • Heineken Light - Why not man/woman

    Showing us the lighter side of life in these two new spots for Heineken Light, Ne-O brings us a joyful journey of two people who aren't afraid to say yes! And at only 99 calories - why not say yes!


    Nacho Gayan's new advert for Coronation Insurance is inspired by the extraodinary true story of a beloved French Doctor in the village of Chelles, who although became blind continued to work for several more decades through the confidence and trust in his patients. Impacting the message, "Trust is earned".

  • Birds

    Zeitguised new animated short redefines the concept of Birds from reconstruction to deconstruction in this lighthearted and surreal interpretation aptly titled “Birds”.


    Vaughan Arnell directs Idris Elba in the new Sky + spot. Good TV just got better with this ad! Boosh!


    Mo Farah stars in Weetabix's new spot for Sports Day directed by Rafael Lopez.


    Nerds Today, Bosses Tomorrow. Agustin Alberdi's targets all the bullies of the world in this hilarious new anti - bullying campaign for VH1, showing that nerds of today will be the cool kids boss in the future.

  • PG tips - Taste Explosion

    Rafael Lopez brings together Monkey & Carmen Miranda in this fruit inspired daydream to promote PG Tips new range of teas. Tasty!


    Josh Cole's latest work for giffgaff is bold, humorous, captivating and leaves you feeling in charge. Starring real people doing things their way, being their own boss.


    Asda stands out from its competitors this Easter in a new spot by Christian Bevilacqua featuring a funky little chick, dancing to the beat of its own tune.

  • Kiss FM - Exorcism

    Jones + Tino's new spot “Exorcism” for Kiss FM shows us a guitarist rocking the spirit back into a young man who has been possessed by bad music.


    Shot over in LA over a crazy 4 days Norman Bates bring us another beautifully shot international campaign for Samsonite by Saatchi & Saatchi Brussels. Enjoy.


    Using Formula One data from over 24 years ago - Kosai brings the then world’s fastest lap from the qualifiers of the F1 Japanese Grand Prix in 1989 back to life in sound and light in his epic new spot - the Sound of Honda.


    Saman Kesh's music video “Loud Like Love” for Placebo features the voice of “American Psycho” author Bret Easton Ellis who reveals another unfortunate sequence of details and events – this time at a sexy swinger’s 1960s pool party.

  • Johnny Cash - She used to love me a lot

    Check out John Hillcoat’s new music video 'She Used to Love Me a Lot' promoting the upcoming release of Johnny Cash’s lost ‘80s album Out Among the Stars. Shot in Nashville, the film gives us a glimpse into the raw lives and landscape of America - it is a timeless tale, a story of unsustainable love, of heart break, and hope.

  • Milow - We must be crazy

    Norman Bates new music video for Milow is a cinematic retro-futuristic take on the classic fairytale Pinnocchio with a post modern twist. A tale about the desperation of loneliness and the limitations of technology to battle it.

  • Mini - Chain Reaction

    Set at night in a parking garage, Pleix bring us an epic chain reaction of falling Mini cars in celebration of all 44 models of the brand since 1959 - revealing the latest model as it drives away.

  • McDonalds - Putting on the ritz

    Rohan directs the new spot for McDonalds promoting their new McCafe range. Set to the sound of Fred Astaire’s classic tune 'Putting On The Ritz’ and featuring some great street cast performances enjoying the new McDonalds range in everyday moments of life.

  • Freeview - Love

    Ne-O's new advert for Freeview shows us that the love of entertainment can override even biological enemies- as a cat and a bird serenade and enjoy each other's company.

  • Happiness - 'All Apologies'

    Adam Berg’s new film for unsigned band Happiness could be one of the most powerfully romantic music videos you’ve seen in a while - a beautiful homage to love - Happy Valentines Day everyone!

  • IKEA

    Martin Krejci and the team at Mother have created "The Wonderful Everyday" for IKEA showcasing their commitment to a greener future. A beautiful spot shot on location over three nights in Portugal.


    Stink is excited to present an exclusive clip from director Yann Demanges's highly anticipated feature film '71. The film will premiere at the Berlin Film Festival this Friday February 7th. Set in Belfast during the 1971 riots a young British soldier tries to stay alive and make it to safety.


    The Superbowl XL VIII saw the premiere of three exciting commercials by Stink’s Nicolas Winding-Refn, Ivan Zacharias & John Hlllcoat. Featuring an action packed David Beckham running around in his undies for H&M, an angry bear for Chobani Yogurt, and a patriotic, albeit controversial, assemble of multiple languages singing 'America the Beautiful’ in unity for Coca Cola.

  • Lilting win at Sundance 2014

    After its World Premiere at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival last week, Stink are extremely proud to announce our first feature 'Lilting’ collected the award for Best Cinematography in World Dramatic Competition. Huge congratulations to Direcor Hong Khaou and all the team!

  • TFC

    "Its a bloody big deal!” Rafael Lopez broke the news to Tottenham football fans around the UK in his new spot for Toronto Football Club through Sid Lee. We hope you can keep your tea in!

  • BBC Olympics

    Tomek Baginski dramatically brings to life mother natures challenge to the athletes of the Sochi Winter Olympics in this beautifully crafted spot for the BBC. Combining live action & CG and all completed on an incredibly tight schedule.

  • British Heart Foundation

    Vaughan Arnell ‘Ramps Up The Red’ in this new spot for British Heart Foundation. Ahead of the official event on 7th February, British Heart Foundation is challenging the public to go as red as you dare in order to raise money and awareness for heart disease.

  • Cancer Research

    Yann Demange brings us hope in this spot for Cancer Research, created through AMVBBDO. 'One Day' follows the life of a young woman and the crucial research being done to help beat cancer in the future.

  • 71 to Premier at Berlin Film Festival

    Our very own Stinker Yann Demange's debut feature "71" has been selected to premiere at the Berlin Film Festival in 2014. Starring Jack O'Connell it is the story of a young British soldier, accidentally abandoned by his unit following a riot on the deadly streets of Belfast in 1971.

  • HP Egyptian Cotton

    Greg Brunkalla and Stinkdigital steered a two-day interactive event for HP. The project saw musicians Clams Casino and Vic Mensa create a track in real time using viewer’s comments to influence the composition. Check out how it all turned out in Greg's directors cut.

  • FIFA Club World Cup

    Andrew Lang's new film for the FIFA Club World Cup 2013 through Glider was shot in a number of locations including a Moroccan souk, a Brazilian favela, a Tokyo apartment, and a London bank.

  • Lilting to open sundance 2014

    Stink is proud to announce that its first full feature film "Lilting" will have its World Premiere at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival (January 16th-26th). It will be distributed in the UK by Artificial Eye and Protagonist Pictures are Sales Agent for all other territories.

  • EA Sports

    Tomek Baginski seamlessly fuses live action with CGI, morphing a young gamer into Lionel Messi in this beautifully crafted commercial for EA Games 'FIFA 14' through Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam.

  • Andes Barley Wine

    Shot through Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi, Agustín Alberdi tells the story of a 'Miraculous Hen' with a deft talent for laying something a little more special than your average egg. The film was shot in the beautiful surroundings of Uspallata, Argentina.

  • HBO GO

    Gustav Johansson reminds us that no matter how hectic our lives get we don't have to give up on immersing ourselves in a good story. Shot in Warsaw over 2 days in 11 different locations in this beautifully observed spot for HBO Go, their new mobile streaming service.

  • Freeview

    Ne-O have fun with some entertaining pond life in their latest project for Freeview through Leo Burnett. The live action elements were shot in London with the CGI created by the Glassworks team.

  • VW

    Ivan Zacharias, thirty six lucky mutts and a road trip from the Welsh coast to Manchester. It can only be Ivan's latest work for VW through A&E DDB.

  • Mackenzie Sheppard

    We are excited to welcome aboard Mackenzie Sheppard, a young and talented Canadian director based in Japan. His works span across commercials, music videos and documentaries, all of which reflects his subtle visual style and authentic storytelling. Some of his recent works including spots for Nike Japan and Oba-Chan, a documentary short film has been featured as Vimeo Staff Picks.

  • Nike

    Narrated by actress Ellen Page (Juno, Inception, X-Men) with cameos from FC Barcelona's Gerard Pique and musician Jessie J here is Adam Berg's latest film for Nike with long time collaborators W+K London, which was shot over a week in Lisbon and London.

  • Dewar's

    Nacho Gayan's latest project through &Rosas focuses on a cast of real people doing what they love, from the stone mason in Sheffield, the custom bike builders in Paris to the climber in Yosemite Park California. The project was shot over 7 days in a total of 6 countries, using 16mm film. The spot is set to a voice over of 'so you want to be a writer', a poem by Charles Bukowski - one of whisky's biggest fans.

  • European Parliament

    Norman Bates latest film 'Act. React. Impact.’ was shot through Ogilvy for the European Parliament. It took the team nearly two weeks to complete the shoot, travelling to key locations in Barcelona, Bucharest and finally Brussels. Check out the film to see how they bring together a large and varied cast to create a moving and empowering film.

  • Durex

    Agustin Alberdi turns the heat up in his latest film for Durex through Havas. The team spent four days shooting in different locations throughout Uruguay, using four real life couples to capture some genuine, passionate moments.

  • Little Secret

    Written and directed by Martin Krejci, 'Little Secret' was inspired by a true story that became a national scandal in the Czech Republic during the spring of 2012. The film tells the story of a teenage boy who tries to cover up a life-threatening mistake. Little Secret was shot over 4 days throughout several locations in the country's capital Prague, and stars local talent Adam Misik, Klara Cibulkova and Jenovefa Bokova. The film saw its debut at this year’s Karlovy Vary Film Festival and recently screened at the LA Shorts Festival where it picked up the award for Best Foreign Film.

  • Vodafone

    Sebastian Strasser brings forth this epic new film for Vodafone. The project was shot over 8 days in Iceland, Denmark, Germany, the Czech Republic and Romania. During the shoot the team had to navigating some of Europe's worst flooding in decades, making some of the locations highly treacherous, including the diner, which was left half submerged after a flood had hit the area. The film was shot almost completely using hand held cameras, enabling the team to capture more fluid, natural movements, which were then composited together by Time Based Arts, who did an exceptional job blending the 3D, CGI and live action.

  • Assassin's Creed

    Adam Berg takes charge of directing this action packed epic for Assassin's Creed, shot through Sid Lee Paris. Having decided to capture as much in camera as possible, the team set about to construct and re create sections of a full size Spanish gun boat, rigging the camera to move throughout each deck of the ship in order to show the explosions and scale of the action. The opening scene was shot in a massive tank with 3,000 cubic meters of water, again used to show the scale of the action and contrasting the dark waters with the explosive goings on above. Sneak a peek at the swashbuckling, bloodier directors cut here…

  • Levi's

    Gustav Johansson's latest work for Levi's captures different young women in Revel jeans. Shot through W+K Shanghai, Gustav embraced the idea of 'Let your body do the talking’ and letting the models to get creative expressing themselves with their body languages. Some interesting Shanghai city locations added a touch more charm to this fun spot.

  • Ford

    Jones + Tino get fast and furious in their latest spot for Ford through JWT Sao Paulo. The team went to the old town and port of Santos, Brazil, setting themselves to task charging around in a custom built Dodge. Check out the high-octane action.

  • Night is on my mind

    Greg Brunkalla directs his second promo for Fool's Gold Records, this time for artist Oliver's 'The Night Is On My Mind'. Utilising disco shoes, electric cigarettes and other unusual illuminating object’s (as well as possibly some of the coolest 'dad dancing' ever) Greg creates a film with a weird, exciting and unique feel.

  • Absolut

    Zeitguised have just unleashed their latest animation through Sid Lee Amsterdam. The project was commissioned as part of a series of art pieces featuring the artists impressions of the new 'Amber' by Absolut Vodka. Check it out here!

  • Tim Brown

    Welcome to Stink Tim Brown! A young London based talent who cut his directing teeth with New York Based collective 1st Ave Machine. Tim has explored a wide range of disciplines such as set design, fashion photography, art direction and directing promos for artists including SBTRKT and Tinie Tempah. A sum of these parts can be seen in his projects for Google, including his work on the the award winning 'Extensions' campaign through BBH New York, which demonstrates his abilities to combine innovative art direction with a stylised yet organic feel and playful tone. His commercial work has also included films for a number of clients such as EMI, Samsung and Channel 4.

  • Nike

    "When the night falls, the day begins." Rob Chiu's new work for Nike China is part of the brand's summer campaign launch. Shot through W+K Shanghai and filmed across some of the more urban looking corners of Shanghai, handheld camera work was largely used getting up-close moments of the sporting actions, making sure the viewers can feel the sweat and passion.

  • Tarjeta Naranja

    Agustin Alberdi takes a walk along the line between the surreal and, well, a man galloping on a BBQ in this first spot in the latest campaign for Tarjeta Naranja through BBDO Argentina. The project was shot in the countryside in the Buenos Aires Province.

  • Selfridges

    Rohan Blair-Mangat uses a mix of tightly choreographed vignettes and publicly submitted images & film in his latest project for the launch of Selfridge’s new denim studio. Heading out with just a skeleton crew, Rohan hit a number of venues in London's east end, including tattoo parlours; barber shops, as well as approaching people on the street. This enabled Rohan to build a great mix of narrative and portraiture shots. The project culminated in the world's first co-created fashion campaign event, starring supermodels Jourdan Dunn & Rosie Tapner.

  • Adidas

    Agustin Alberdi curates this latest campaign for Adidas Brasil with fellow Landia director Maxi Blanco. Shot through Lew'Lara\ TBWA, the spot has gone viral with over ten million views and counting on Youtube and moved Adidas Brasil's Facebook to the most followed page within the brand, making the film the most successful online campaign by Adidas to date. Check out what all the fuss is about here!

  • Malaysia Airlines

    Andy Fogwill's latest work for Malaysia Airlines is a journey through different emotions and cities. Shot through Ogilvy Malaysia, this spot uses suitcases as a metaphor to represent that everyone is in one way or another, a traveller of life. The shooting took place in Prague, Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur, involving more than 300 extras and talents of various ages and nationalities, all with their matching suitcases in different shapes and sizes, some shinny and modern, some vintage and rare. The emotions are just as diverse, from joyous moments to bitter goodbyes, all incapsulated in this spot. Check out the result.


    Martin Krejci headed to the east end of London to film Dame Helen Mirren, the recipient of this years Crystal Globe at the 48th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. The team had a very short window with Dame Helen Mirren (just an hour and a half), so they maximised their prep time and set up all three floors of an old Huguenot house in Spitalfields at once. Take a look at what happens when creativity meets efficiency.

  • Cannes 2013

    Once again Stink had an amazing time at the Cannes Lions. A massive thanks and congratulations go out to everyone who worked hard on these award winning films. We picked up 18 awards throughout Stink,Stinkdigital and Rokkit with the following:


  • SKOL

    Jones + Tino took their team out into the Atacama Desert in Chile to create this epic film for Skol through F/Nazca Saatchi&Saatchi. No nice hotels for these guy's as they slept under a blanket of stars for the duration of the shoot, lasting five days and taking them to a number of visually stunning locations as well as a purpose built gas station. Check out the results here.

  • Lexus

    Pleix direct the English National Ballet's prima ballerina Tamara Rojo in their latest project for Lexus through CHI and Partners. Pleix worked closely with choreographer Russel Maliphant to ensure that Tamara's movements matched the lines of her body with the strong lines of the car. Check out the impressive results in this beautifully crafted commercial.

  • Citroen C4

    Ne-O's latest project, through Paris based agency H, takes one small step for mankind and one giant leap for Citroen. Creating as much as they could in camera, Ne-o and the team set themselves to task of manoeuvring a complex hydraulic set, which folds and rotates into place like a giant origami puzzle. Meanwhile the talent recreated zero gravity and floated into their positions courtesy of some hidden wire acrobatics. See how it turned out in this truly awesome new spot 'The World'.

  • John Newman

    Check out Vaughan Arnell's latest promo for breaking new act John Newman. Filmed at the retro styled Mildmay club in Stoke Newington, Vaughan authentically re-creates a late 60s Northern Soul night with vibrant choreography and a strong narrative for Newman’s debut video.

  • Discodeine Feat. Kevin Parker - Adyin

    Parisian collective Pleix create a tripped out film for Discodeine feat Kevin Parker of psych rockers Tame Impala. The entire video is made of CGI, using synthetic images and chrome objects, contrasting with multicolored 2D solids.

  • Great Sport Happens Here

    Martin Krejci brings us his latest spot for BT Sports through AMV BBDO. Shot at Elstree Studios on an epic 8-day shoot. Martin and the team take us on a journey using an array of gadgets and cameras to capture a host of sport star legends including footballers Rio Ferdinand & Gareth Bale, rugby player Lawrence Dallaglio & British tennis star Heather Watson to name but a few.

  • HTC

    Norman Bates have just completed their global campaign for HTC. With 'Turnaround' they shot over 4 days in Shanghai. Utilising some of the city's grittier locations, finding themselves in abandoned warehouses, tower blocks and up high on rooftops. This combined with them shooting with as much natural light as they could (no mean feet in Shanghai's somewhat hazy atmosphere) they managed to gave the film a certain, realistic edge. After Shanghai they set off for the Barrandov Studios, in Prague to shoot 'Subway'. For this the team built a subway carriage from scratch and used the lighting rig to give the impression of motion on the train. With a slightly different feel to 'Turnaround' this film mixes the real with the surreal in a smart blend of casting and content. See how the films turned out here.

  • Only God Forgives

    Nicolas Winding Refn's latest feature 'Only God Forgives' will get its premier at the Cannes Film festival this week. For this movie Nicolas headed to Bangkok, Thailand in search of the perfect locations, sometimes spending whole nights walking the streets of Chinatown where much of the film unfolds, seeing dozens of night clubs, each more kitsch than the last. See how some of the locations made the cut in this trailer...Time To Meet The Devil!

  • Coca Cola

    Andrew Lang spent a week in Nairobi and Mombasa shooting his latest project for Coke through African agency McCann Kenya. The team managed over 400 local extras, 3 goats, 5 chickens and a donkey while shooting in a number of locations including rooftop classrooms, slums and local markets.


    Yann Demange's latest film for the NSPCC through Inferno was shot in a fully operating ward at Ealing Hospital. The team used 35mm film, giving the spot a beautifully vivid feel (apparently it was the last of the Fuji stock in the country!). The spot is backed up with a soundtrack from legendary Roxy Music frontman Brian Eno.

  • Samsung

    Adam Berg mixes some impressive in-camera wizardry, explosions and an array of amazingly crafted content, including a former JCB digger turned rampaging T-Rex, a stampede of unruly wildebeast and an invading horde of aliens. Culminating in this epic film for Samsung through CHI, keep an eye on the final scene which was a genuine single take.

  • British Arrow Awards

    Stink picked up several awards at this year's British Arrows. We would like to say a big thank you and congratulations to everyone involved in the making of these films. Well done!
    Adam Berg - Ikea 'Make Room For Your Life' - Silver
    Ivan Zacharias - Acer 'Bake It' - Silver
    John Hillcoat - National Lottery 'Heroes Return' - Bronze
    Yann Demange - Home Office 'If You Could See Yourself' - Bronze x2

  • Nokia

    Gustav Johansson shot his beautiful film for Nokia and Protein over 4 days in northern Sweden. The team worked their magic, only using natural light and shooting with a dynamic skeleton crew around a number of locations, which included a huge abandoned hospital. The film is now a staff pick on Vimeo with over 47k hits since going live on Monday.

  • Vigorsol

    Superheroes and a city under assault from a hot headed lava monster! Rafael Lopez directs the action in this cinematic epic for Vigorsol, through BBH London.

  • Drypers

    Andrew Lang's latest work is a collaboration with Singapore based creative agency, The Secret Little Agency. This charming spot for Drypers is all about seeing the world through baby-tinted glasses. The spot showcase everyday baby moments through the eyes and worldview of a mother. Watching these cute adorable little ones will make you want to touch them through your screen.

  • Jameson

    John Hillcoat (Lawless,The Road) helms this new film for the latest installment of John Jameson’s adventures created through TBWA\Chiat\Day New York. Shot in Transylvania the team sourced and built the railway from scratch, re-using antique tracks and building the actual train from a collection of parts coming from all over the country (no small feat in Romania). 'Iron Horse' brings together Hillcoat’s unique storytelling skills with exceptional accomplishments in production.

  • Kronenbourg

    Ivan Zacharias and the team spent a week shooting with football legend Eric Cantona in a small town in the Alsace region of France (some of this time was spent sipping pints and playing pool at the 'Court Of King Eric' - the aptly named local pub). Cantona once said, "When the seagulls follow the trawler, it's because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea.” Now it's time to follow the farmer... See the results in this latest spot for Kronenbourg through Ogilvy & Mather.

  • Samsonite

    Fresh from Stink newcomers Norman Bates, check out this beautifully crafted commercial for Samsonite through Saatchi & Saatchi Brussels. Deciding that the only way to make this film feel authentic was to take a crazy journey the duo headed out on an epic 16 day shoot, taking them through Capetown, Bangkok, Tokyo, New York and finally back to Brussels to edit together this impressive spot.

  • Cyberpunk 2077

    Directed by Tomek Baginski, this trailer for the new video game Cyberpunk 2077 is an exceptionally impressive piece of 3D Animation, getting over 5 million hits in its first two weeks. To give the film an authentic feel and bring out genuine emotion in the characters, the team used real actors shot by IRs 72x18 Megapixel Camera system that captures around 1.27 gigapixels of colour data from 360 degrees. Check out the results!

  • Sprite Lantern

    Rob Chiu's new Sprite spot through BBH Shanghai, is a heart warming piece for the upcoming Chinese New Year. Beautifully shot and featuring superstar Jay Chou, Kong Ming lanterns carrying new year's wishes were released from a rooftop. Wishing everyone a happy Chinese New Year.

  • Make room for your life

    Check out Adam Berg's new film 'Make Room For Your Life' through Mother. Shot over three days in a warehouse in Prague, it took Adam back to his music video roots, as the campaign comprises of not only the TV commercial but also a full-length promo using a cover version of the Bee Gees track 'Living Together' by the band An Escape Plan.

  • Ready Brek

    London based Argentinian Rafael Lopez is one of the latest additions to our roster. Check out his debut for us as he notches up his first UK shoot with this new film for Ready Brek, shot through 101.

  • Zhenghang

    Nieto teamed up with Leagas Delaney, Shanghai to bring us a little fun for the holidays. This video is part of Zheng Hang biscuit brand's website that brings together a joyful Santa Claus and a cheery Prosperity God, creating the world's first ever "Prosperity Santa." Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year in 2013!

  • TSL

    Kosai's latest work for Tse Sui Luen Jewellery (TSL) is a love epic that's filled with emotions. Shot through DDB Hong Kong, the campaign's tagline 'to love is to persevere' is brought to life through the love story of a young couple. The unprecedented 3.5-minute version was a big launched in Hong Kong taking up an entire prime time commercial break slot. The full 5 minutes version is also live on TSL's official website and Youtube channel.

  • Ariel Kleiman

    Hello Ariel Kleiman! We would like to welcome the talented, young Australian director to the Stink worldwide roster. Ariel currently resides in London where amongst other things he enjoys mixing and blending varieties of food groups into a liquid breakfast and long walks with his dog Steven. At the tender age of 27 Ariel has already written, directed and edited all of his films to date. Notable recognition for his projects include - 'Deeper Than Yesterday’ having its world premiere at Cannes Film Festivals Critic's Week, where it won Kodak Discovery Award for Best Short Film and the Petit Rail d'Or. Ariel's first foray into commercials 'Marked For Life' for organisation SIRE was awarded silverware at Eurobest & Epica Awards 2011. The same year he was included in the APA Top 50 and Cannes Young Directors Awards.

  • Harvey Nichols

    Need something to get you in the mood for the party season? Check out Ne-o's latest spot shot through Adam & Eve/DDB for Harvey Nichols, highlighting the dangers of wearing the same dress as your colleague to the christmas party. If looks could kill.....

  • AIA

    Nieto's new work shot in Cape Town through TBWA \ Hong Kong featuring three cheetahs from the wild Africa. This AIA Insurance spot from Nieto addresses a serious issue with a nice humor twist to it.


    Stink received several honours at the BTAA Craft Awards. We would like to thank and congratulate everyone who was involved in the making of these films
    Best Production Value - Silver for Nike 'My Time Is Now'
    (Ben Croker) (Dir - Adam Berg)
    Animation - Silver - Toyota 'The real real' (Dir - Adam Berg)
    Production Design - Gold - Heineken 'Switch'
    (Max Gottlieb) (Dir - Martin Krejci)
    Colourist - Silver - Honda 'Spark' (Dir - Martin Krejci)
    Sound Design - Gold - Honda 'Spark' (Dir - Martin Krejci)

  • B&Q

    Beautifully crafted to match the sentiment, this festive spot was shot by Christian Bevilacqua for B&Q through McCann London.

  • Shots Production Company of the Year

    We had a great time at the Shots awards party which was made even better by winning Production Company Of The Year. Thanks to everyone that has worked with us and thanks to Shots.

  • ASOS

    As featured by the Sunday Times Rohan's short for ASOS Fashion Up is an effortless blend of lifestyle and fashion film. Shot to showcase the Africa A/W 2012/13 range, the film has an observational and natural style, with an energetic pace which matches the vibracy of the clothes.


    Well done to Stink & Stinkdigital who won 'Best Live Action Company', four Silver and six Bronze awards at this year's Ciclope festival in Buenos Aires:

    Live Action - Art Direction
    Silver - Martin Krejci - Heineken 'The Switch'

    Sound - Sound Design
    Silver - Martin Krejci - Hornbach - Symphony

    Live Action - Cinematography
    Silver - John Hillcoat - National Lottery 'The Return'

    Digital - Interactive Films
    Bronze - Stinkdigital - Nike 'My Time is Now

    Live Action - Direction
    Bronze - Adam Berg - Nike 'My Time is Now

    Live Action - Direction
    Bronze - Nacho Gayan - Match.com 'Ukelele'

    Live Action - Editing
    Bronze - Martin Krejci - Hornbach - Symphony

    Live Action - Art Direction
    Bronze - John Hillcoat - National Lottery 'The Return'

    Live Action - Cinematography
    Bronze - Adam Berg - Nike 'My Time is Now


    Check out this latest piece shot by Pleix for Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam. This Heineken 'Human Equalizer' film features a diverse group of dancers whose movements mimic the rising and falling bars of a stereo equalizer. The soundtrack is a mash-up of several different genres of music, from electronica to metal to disco to reggae to punk. It’s a music video rather than a commercial, a celebration of live music and the people who love it.

  • Lia Award Wins

    Huge congrats to our Stink and Stinkdigital family who have won the following at this year's LIA Awards:

    1) Tomek Baginski who won Gold for his superb "Assassins of Kings Trailer" for The Witcher 2 (click pic to view)

    2) Rob Chiu who won Gold and Silver for Philips 'Obsessed with Sound'

    3) Martin Krejci for Hornbach "Symphony" which picked up a Gold in Sound Design

    4) Stinkdigital who's beautiful "The CNN Ecosphere Project" picked up a Silver and Bronze

    5) Sebastian Strasser and Stinkdigital for ASOS 'Urban Tour' which won Silver

    6) Ivan Zacharias won Silver for VW Idents

    7) Jones + Tino for Nike 'Before / After' which won Bronze.


    The first offering from the newly opened Stink Sao Paulo comes in the guise of 'Pet Shop', part of the new campaign for Trident Fresh. Directed by Jones+Tino through F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, it features an array of live (and not so live) animals miming a mind-bending rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody. The film was shot in a transformed warehouse in downtown Sao Paulo.


    Nieto's powerful new spot was created to highlight a campaign for the UN to open a supervised investigation into events on the 4th August 2006, when in the midst of civil war, many civilians, including 17 aid workers of Action against Hunger (ACF), were killed in Sri Lanka. Nieto collaborated with Professor Xavou, one of the best graphic artists in Paris, to create the entire animation and compositing, starting by making stock footage of blood spreading out on a t-shirt they played with gravity and fluidity to create conceptual shapes and contrasting fluid movements. All of these abstract pieces were then put together into something figurative. It took about a month to complete the project.


    With its successful launch over two nights during commercial breaks in the X Factor, Mercedes #Youdrive, directed by Yann Demange is now live on http://www.youtube.com/youdrive for viewers to piece together their own experience. Over the next 4 days we will be showing the full films for each possible outcome, here is the fourth.


    Check out this trailer for the new Mercedes campaign directed by Yann Demange through AMV BBDO. YOUDRIVE is an interactive TV/ social media event starring East London musician and actor Kane Robinson. Using Twitter, viewers are able to steer the action of the commercials by tweeting a hashtag for what they'd like to happen next. A custom YouTube experience, built by Stinkdigital, synchronises with the broadcast in real-time. After the event viewers can return to see all the films and reconstruct their own story. The films were shot over the course of 8 days in Lisbon and Porto with a team that included DOP Anthony Dod Mantle (Slumdog Millionaire, Dredd 3D).


    Shot through Adam & Eve DDB, Christian Bevilacqua's spot for YouView brings together a collage of TV favourites including Gary Barlow, Benedict Cumberbatch and even some Daleks. The team attempted to capture as much in-camera as they could, using a projection light to help cast true light onto the buildings and create real moving shadows giving a true sense of film light upon the building surfaces.


    We would like to congratulate Adam Berg and all of the team that worked on the 'Homes within Homes' commercial for TalkTalk, which picked up a Yellow Pencil at D&AD's 50th anniversary celebrations.

  • Philips

    The Sound of Creation is an audio-visual experience created in collaboration with songwriter and producer Washed Out and director Gustav Johansson. The experience builds as a metaphor for the creative process and the fully interactive digital experience celebrates the virtuosity of sound craft, offering music lovers and audiophiles a chance to explore the narrative of acoustic design and craftsmanship behind the Philips Fidelio product range. It was created by Stinkdigital for TribalDDB Amsterdam.


    Directed by Adam Berg through Saatchi & Saatchi London, the 'Real Deal' pulls together a number of polar opposites, combining the skills of Top Gear's ex stunt driver the 'Stig' with music from Edith Piaf and James Cameron's Digital Domain seamlessly stitching the CGI elements together with the live action. A 90-second version of the spot will be seeded online while the cinema spots are planned to coincide with the release of the new James Bond film, Skyfall.


    Arno Salters creates more magic for Wrangler, check out the director's cut shot as part of the online experience created by Stinkdigital for Wrangler Europe - www.wrangler-europe.com


    Adam Berg weaves another magic web between the real world and fantasy for Nike's new "Game on World" campaign through Wieden+Kennedy. The virtual epic also stars actor Ving Rhames (Pulp Fiction) slinging some flaming rocks Donkey Kong style.

  • the switch

    Martin Krejci turns things upside down in his latest spot for Heineken 'The Switch' through TBWA/ Neboko Amsterdam, showing just how exciting a pint of Heineken can make your evening. Check out more on Martin in the new issue of shots - issue 137- out at the end of this month

  • Grolsch

    Swiftly emerging as one of the most exciting directing talents around, Yann Demange (of Top Boy acclaim) follows up his earlier Home Office spots with two films for Grolsch from BMB. Shot in the sub zero temperatures of Kiev, Yann tells the story of detective Journt Von Deg.

  • Jones+Tino

    We are excited to announce that Jones+Tino will now be represented by us in the UK. Starting their careers as a creative team for Saatchi & Saatchi Brazil the duo recently made the jump to full time directing after making films for clients such as Nike and Pinacoteca, which is one of the most renowned art museums in South America. In 2011 they shot 2 commercials for Nike 'Before and After' starring Brazilian footballer Ronaldo and 'Addiction' which picked up 2 Yellow Pencil's at the 2012 D&Ad awards.

  • VW Cinema Idents

    The latest instalment in the Volkswagen ‘See Film Differently’ campaign was directed by Ivan Zacharias through DDB London. The films will run in 196 independent cinemas across the UK from 25th May and are the latest stage in Volkswagen’s seven-year support of independent cinema.

    The 60-second spots open with the line: ‘Some of the most famous moments in cinema were never scripted.’ The three films each create humorous back-stories to memorable film moments: Hannibal Lector’s eerie ‘sucking motion’ in Silence of the Lambs, Robert De Niro’s famous “Are you talking to me?” scene from Taxi Driver, and the line “We’re gonna need a bigger boat” from Jaws.


    We are very excited to welcome ZEITGUISED to Stink London. Established in 2001 by American sculptor Jamie Raap and German architect Henrik Mauler the high gloss art school 3D punks blend complex geometries, surreal objects, artificial behaviors and the recycling of digital readymades into their distinct narration style. They have worked their magic on projects for brands such as Mercedes Benz, Toyota and MTV while their work has also been selected for exhibitions in galleries and art shows around the world, most notably Volta New York and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona. Their latest piece 'Hyper Trophies' is a collaboration with Berlin fashion label Franzius and will premier at the Stink pop up gallery during Gallery weekend in Berlin 2012.

  • Nike - My Time is Now

    Adam Berg delivers an epic film for Nike's latest campaign through Wieden+Kennedy. 'My Time Is Now' is an unrelenting 2:30 minute spot starring some of the biggest names in football, with Ribéry, Sneijder and Ronaldo being just a few of players delivering the on screen action. The spot received its first airing during the Champions League Final 2012 and has received over 9 million views online in 72 hours.

    Users can also discover additional interactive content through hidden tunnels at www.youtube.com/nikefootball. Created by Stinkdigital these breakout experiences include extended video sequences, player statistics, games, interactive product displays and training tools — each aimed at inspiring young athletes to become better footballers.

  • one line = one life

    Two films supporting the Leo Burnett campaign 'Cocaine Unwrapped' to raise awareness towards the devastating suffering in South America caused by the UK consumption of cocaine .

    Rohan Blair-Mangat's 'Run For Your Life' delivers this strong message, where a dark reality verging on surreal turns a quiet suburban street into a race for life.

    Tomek Baginski's 'The Machine' also refuses to pull any punches, in his harrowing, animated portrayal of this message.

  • stars

    H5's new Mercedes-Benz spot through CLM BBDO combines both live action and animated elements to an awesome soundtrack by Parisian DJ Kavinsky.

  • lawless

    Tom Hardy, Shia LaBeouf, Jessica Chastain, Gary Oldman and Guy Pearce are just a few of the acting heavyweights to star in John Hillcoat’s latest movie, Lawless. A Depression-era drama in which the loyalty of three brothers is put to the test against the backdrop of the nation's most notorious crime wave. Check out the trailer here.

  • side by side

    Something a little fishy is going on in Arno Salters' new commercial for Young's through Mother London. Shot between two locations including the hallowed grounds of Wembly stadium this spot masterfully mirrors two very different chefs, with every movement mapped out precisely to great effect.

  • ping it

    Vaughan Arnell's latest spot was shot through BBH London for Barclays new "Pingit" service. The spot features a Stephen Merchant voiceover, and music from Metronomy.

  • 2062

    Directors Pleix were invited to participate alongside other artists, thinkers, makers and do-it-yourselfers to exhibit nine pieces of work titled Gulf Stream, Watercool, Family shades, Hybrid, Hot Spot, Less, Paradise, HFCS and Netlag, which turned Paris's La Gaîté Lyrique museum into a futuristic time capsule. Click the still to take a tour of the gallery and see the exhibits.

  • the hints

    Christian Bevilacqua's new spot, shot through Zavod Consulting, Moscow, highlights the growing problem of children being injured due to drivers' failure to use child safety seats. Drawing on hundreds of small details from carefully sourced and selected toys to heritage wooden floors, the shop set was built in a famous Moscow mansion which was the inspiration behind a Russian cult classic novel '12 Chairs'.

  • Straight to the top

    Take a look at Agustin Alberdi's latest spot for the Stella Artois 4% 'Escapades' campaign through Mother London. Shot on location in Montevideo, Uruguay, the team managed to transform one floor of a hotel and a basketball court into a seamless riviera styled set.

  • The Return

    Recounting his steps, a war veteran revisits a dramatic battle in this explosive, cinematic styled epic from John Hillcoat, shot on location in Thailand for The National Lottery through AMV BBDO.

  • sparks fly

    Filmed in Iceland and Prague this new spot for Honda, was directed by Martin Krejci and shot through Wieden + Kennedy London. Dramatic sweeping landscapes capture the magic of an idea and the trials and tribulations of creation.

  • every little help

    Christian Bevilacqua's new spot for Tesco through Red Brick Road demonstrates the magic of online shopping. With an impressive mix of CG and live action a Tesco car park is transformed into a young mother's living room where she is able to shop with ease on her laptop. From here on in the hardest part of her weekly shop will be opening the door.

  • get your edge back

    The new Wrangler SS12 interactive website from Stinkdigital was directed by Arno Salters through Wrangler EMEA. Online visitors are taken on an interactive exploration through five different locations in the city of Portland, including a rooftop, a college library and the city's waterfront. Take a look at the linear film for a taste of what to expect.

  • glass half full

    Kosai's latest commercial was shot through Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo for Nike. In 2011 a major earthquake devastated Japan, wiping out whole towns, taking thousands of lives and tearing communities apart. The aftermath prompted a shift in the way the people of Japan view their leaders, for some the glass is half empty and for others it is half full. As Japan rebuilds, it looks to inspire its youth by instilling high morals and discipline through athletics.

  • vegas baby!!!

    Agustin Alberdi's latest spot for Moneysupermarket.com was shot through Mother London over 3 nights in Las Vegas. Hap-hazard family man Brian struts his stuff through a vibrant casino with all the trimmings, including go-go dancers, Elvis, limos and even a tiger, finally taking to the stage to prove he is the best around by singing... The Joe Espesito classic 'You're the best'

  • A City Filled with Happiness

    What do you see happiness in a modern city? This is the frame from the eyes of Stink director Happycamper , who recently completed a 60 seconds brand film for China Mobile, the major player in China's communication industry.

  • reincarnation

    This is the latest spot from Ivan Zacharias for VW through DDB London. It would seem that one good turn deserves another as karma smiles on the old VW Beetle and it finds reincarnation is a sweet ride.

  • eurobest of the best

    A massive congratulations to Adam Berg, Martin Krejci, Rob Chiu and everyone involved in helping them win multiple Awards at the Eurobest awards ceremony in Lisbon.

    Adam Berg - TalkTalk 'Homes Within Homes'
    Animation - Silver, VFX - Silver, Direction - Silver

    Martin Krejci - Lurpak 'Kitchen Odyssey'
    Cinematography - Bronze
    Savory foods - Bronze

    Rob Chiu - Philips 'Obsessed With Sound'
    Sound/ Music Design - Gold, Interface and Navigation - Bronze
    Interactive Film - Gold

  • F1 inspired short RPM gets behind Ferrari's wheel

    Video Artist Marco Brambilla's latest 3D film 'RPM', commissioned by Ferrari in celebration of their latest auto masterpiece, the 458 Spider, premieres on Nowness and at Art Basel Miami.

  • I am the PSM

    Rohan Blair-Mangat's latest piece for Adidas was shot over 3 days in the lead up to and during a concert with Snoop Dogg and Gorillaz Sound System in Fortaleza, Brazil. The spot is a clever blend of lifestyle film and commercial, focusing on Pauli "The PSM" who is the enigmatic drummer for Gorillaz Sound System.

  • talk talk wins best crafted commercial of the year @ BTAA craft awards

    Huge congratulations to Adam Berg and Stink who picked up Best Crafted Commercial Of The Year last night at the BTAA Craft Awards here in London for Talk Talk "Homes Within Homes". Talk Talk also won Best Animation, Best Model Making, Best CGI and Best VFX.

  • Winning

    Nacho Gayan collaborated with his sister Belen for his latest Euromilliones spot, shot through the Shackleton Group. Imagine all the fun you could have if you won the lottery, your probably thinking nice house, flash car, year long holiday and all the finer things in life that we dream of. But that's boring so this spot out for a few more imaginative ideas.

  • EVA Titles

    Dvein were invited by director Kike Maillo to be part of his first feature film 'Eva' by creating the opening titles. Smooth and intricate, the stunning sequence builds from a simple beginning, becoming more and more complex until it climaxes in impossible 3D visuals before blending into the opening shot of the movie.

  • campaign big awards 2011

    Congratulations to Adam Berg who won gold in the individual film category for his Ikea 'Cats' spot, shot through Mother.

  • Get Ready

    Although Americans tend not to follow football on the pitch they certainly love playing it on their Playstations as Brent Harris shows in his latest spot for the new FIFA 12. It features NBA star Steve Nash and was made through the agency HEAT. It shows various fans from across the US gearing up to play the game and employs the talent of Paranoid Parkcinematographer, Chris Doyle.

  • Shall we dance?

    The latest from StinkDigital is an epic interactive film for ASOS via BBH London, directed by Sebastian Strasser. By clicking on individual dancers, users can spin off seamlessly into a series of individual breakout moments where the dancers perform while everything and everyone in their surroundings remains frozen.

  • Listen Up

    Check out Rob Chiu's latest for Philips through Stink Digital - ‎one Grammy Award-winning orchestra, 51 musicians 10,197 music notes. Single out each musician. Hear every detail...

  • Pillow Fight

    The latest spot from Martin Krejci for IKEA was shot through Mother. Socks fly and pillows explode as a couple battle it out in the bedroom.

  • all that way for love

    Henry Masons latest short film 'All That Way for Love' is a dark tale of a young man's travels through Africa. It has already opened the LA film festival and will be shown at the Rhode Island international film festival which takes place between the 9th -14th of August 2011.

  • love stinks

    The new spot for match.com directed by Nacho Gayan through Mother is a romantic tale involving a ukelele, a train station and a catchy little tune.

  • breaking the law

    Check out Ivan Zacharias' trailer for this year's Karlovy Vary International Film Festival featuring Jude Law

  • new signing to stink

    Stink is proud to announce young London-based director Rohan Blair-Mangat who signs for worldwide representation. Rohan has directed for brands such as Adidas, Nike and Red Bull. His latest spot for the Adidas “Messiah” campaign through TBWA brought Lionel Messi to inner-city London and has just picked up a Cannes Bronze Lion (2011). Check out his work here....

  • Look who's talking

    Directed by Brian Lee Hughes through Jung von Matt, this new spot for music subscription service Simfy raises an eyebrow... Even if its just the one.

  • Just the two of us

    Ne-O's latest ad through Russian Agency Zavod was shot in Kiev. Demonstrating the cause and effect of a driver's actions on a passenger. A dark yet humorous spot with a serious subject, it really gets it's message across.

  • boom...

    Brian Lee Hughes' new spot for the BC Lottery Corporation through DDB Canada comprises a collection of hilarious outtakes from Poker Lotto's outlandish spokesman.

  • what he means, he says...

    Strong, debonair and macho are the words used to describe the leading man in Agustin Alberdi's new spot through Fallon for Trebor's latest campaign 'Sweet Success'.

  • Take a Look inside

    Stink Director Christian Bevilacqua recently completed a new spot for Nintendo. intergrated 3D animation with Live action shots, the spot features the idea of the newly launched Nintendo game player 3DS. pre-planned in 3D, shot with Alexa+Motion Control over 3 days, and post works took over 3 months. And yes, by that, so you may look inside...

  • What Might....

    New spot from Phil Lind for charity AKT through agency TBWA. With a cast that includes Sir Ian McKellen, Paul O’Grady, Sue Perkins, Samantha Fox, Kieron Richardson and Andrew Hayden Smith. Just been added in Shots contenders... Check it out.

  • All for One

    Arno Salters works his magic on this new spot for Ebay, shot through DDB Tribal Düsseldorf. An intrepid shopper takes a stroll, skate and a slide through a world that represents the wide array of choice available on the online auction site.

  • I like to moo-ve it moo-ve it

    This latest spot from Stylewar through CHI was shot in Cape town for Anchor Butter's 125th anniversary. It's all disco lights, Cow-eoke and cake for these four legged revelers.

  • home sweet home

    Adam Berg launches TalkTalk's latest ad campaign bringing to life their new positioning of 'A Brighter Home for Everyone'. Shot in London through CHI, set to the song 'Unchained Melody'. Dolls, Eskimos and other animated characters come to life as they try to contact their loved ones.

  • The great Escape

    Sebastian Strasser uses a combination of both fluid and tremulous movement to build pace and excitement throughout his new spot for Vodafone. Shot through German agencies Jung von Matt and Alster in Barcelona, the team had just one week of preparation to make to make this happen... Check it out.

  • nieto signs to stink

    We are very excited to announce that Nieto has signed to Stink for representation in UK, Eire, Asia, Eastern Europe, Russia, Australia and Scandinavia.

    Nieto was born in Columbia and now resides in France where he began his directing career. He excels as a painter, an animator, designer, live action director and graphic artist - all of which skills are displayed in his work.

    If he isn't on your radar already he will be very soon.



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